Various Artists | Samurai Champloo Music Record: Departure

I bought this album because about half of it is by Nujabes, who I’m a big fan of.  Unlike Nujabes’ studio albums, though, this album is mostly instrumental, with only two tracks of the seventeen having vocals.  One of them has some verses from Shing02, who also performs on some of Nujabes’ studio albums (most notably on the Luv (Sic.) songs), and the other from someone named MINMI.  That one is the show’s theme song, which Das Racist samples in ‘Rapping 2 U’.  Anyway, every Nujabes album is both rare and expensive, but I was able to find this and the other Samurai Champloo album for cheap on eBay recently, so that was cool.  The other half of this album is by a guy named Fat Jon, and some people think that his music is just not as good as Nujabes, but honestly, if you told me the whole thing was Nujabes I don’t know that I’d disbelieve you.  There are a few stylistic differences but it keeps to the chilled-out jazz hip-hop vibe very well.  One of the tracks on here, Aruarian Dance, is a really popular choice among Nujabes tunes.  This album is great study music; it’s relaxing but with a pulse to keep you going.


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