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After I posted Countdown to Ecstasy, someone who was a big fan of Steely Dan reblogged my post with a comment along the lines of thinking it was silly that I was surprised at their using the word ‘fuck’ when taken in the context of the REST of their lyrics, because apparently they sing about some dark/crazy shit sometimes.  I guess I should pay more attention to lyrics…

Initially, Countdown to Ecstasy stood out to me more than this album.  The ones that really stuck out to me on here were Barrytown (which I had heard before because Ben Folds Five covered it) and East St. Louis Toodle-oo, which is a note-for-note arrangement of a Duke Ellington tune.  After more listens, though, I like this album about as much as Countdown to Ecstasy, and I’m starting to like Steely Dan more.  There are still some songs on each album I’m not super impressed with but that’s to be expected with most bands, I think.


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